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How to manage your notifications in Synergy

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If you are looking for more control over the types of notifications you receive in Synergy, this article will show you the options.

Types of Notifications

Immediate: You will receive an email as soon as an event occurs

Daily: You will receive an email with a daily summary of the items you have not yet actioned

Viewing your Notifications

At the top right hand corner of the Synergy app, click on the Notifications icon:

This icon will appear in red with the number of notifications that remain unread in Synergy. Once you have clicked on and actioned your notifications, the icon will appear in teal with a zero, like the image above.


Managing your Notifications

If you are running a large number of projects, you may receive a large number of email notifications, so the following steps will help you decide how you want to manage these.

Click on the 'Notifications' icon, and then click on the 'Settings' icon in the bottom right hand corner of the notifications box:

You can turn off the daily summary and immediate notification emails by using the toggles in the 'Settings' box.


You will also be able to configure these settings directly from the email notifications you receive. We don’t recommend turning off both email types unless you log into Synergy everyday.

Unfollowing Conversations

If you are interested in receiving general notifications, but no longer need to follow a particular conversation, we’ve got you covered.

In the email notification, simply use the 'Unfollow' link or click 'Unfollow' in the Synergy app, next to the conversation in the 'Notifications' box. This will stop you from receiving notifications about that particular conversation, but you will still be notified of all other conversations (unless you unfollow those as well — just one click!).


At Synergy, we want you to have full control of your notifications so you can have #moretimefordesign.

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