Adding tables into templates

How to add tables into document templates?

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You can add a variety of tables into your document templates and format the information in them in the Synergy document template function. To add a table into your document template follow the steps below:

Once you're in the document templates screen (Organisation dropdown > Settings > Templates > Documents) find the template you would like to add a table to and click on the edit pencil on the top right of the template.

Once the template is open in the editing screen:

  1. Click on 'Select tables'

  2. A window will open to show what tables are available on this template (available tables vary based on the template type, e.g. invoice, proposal etc). You can see these listed under 'Available tables for.... template'.

  3. Click on the green plus symbol to add the table to your document

  4. The tables chosen are now shown in the selected tables panel on the right.

  5. Click the pencil icon to the right to edit the table as required to the table formatting

  6. Click 'Save' to save your changes.

The new table has now been added to the template and any new tables will can be found at the bottom of the downloadable word document in the main editing screen.


The tables available will differ for each of the document template categories and can't be copied and pasted from one template category to another.

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