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Timesheets & HR

Everything you need to know about timesheets and HR

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Synergy HR helps to relieve some of the administrative burden with it's automatic sync to timesheets functionality. Enter a leave or unavailability request for yourself or your team and have that time automatically be entered into the timesheets upon approval,

Approved leave entries.

When a leave or unavailability request is made and then approved via the availability register or calendar, the related timesheet entries will be created in that staff member(s) timesheet automatically. A notification will pop-up when the entry is approved to say that the timesheets are being created automatically.
Creating/approving request via the availability register/calendar:

Notification stating that timesheets have been created automatically:

Timesheet entry created with note to say when the leave was approved:

Deleted/modified leave entries.

When a leave entry is declined or cancelled via the availability register/calendar (after initially being approved), the timesheet entries associated with that entry will be deleted automatically. There will be no need to manually delete the timesheet. When an entry is cancelled or declined, a notification will pop up warning you that the timesheets will be removed. Click 'Understood' to confirm the removal action.
If you delete the timesheet manually, it will not cancel the leave request.
Cancelling the leave request:

Notification saying that timesheet entries for that period will be removed:

Timesheets and HR help save time when entering bulk leave requests on behalf your staff or teams.

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