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Synergy Analytics Plus Sales Dashboards

Breakdown of what's included within the set of Sales Dashboards.

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Edition: Professional*, Business*, Enterprise*

User-level: Director, System Administrator (by default in security matrix)

Previous steps: Subscription Management

*With the Synergy Analytics Plus add-on enabled.

There are four distinct Sales Dashboards available as part of your Synergy Analytics Plus Add-On. They demonstrate your sales data in Synergy and are focused on presenting proposals, forecasts, and statistics on wins and losses.

Each dashboard displays a variety of graphs, charts, and tables, and is interactive with the ability to apply multiple filters to customise the data you’re analysing. You can learn more about how to read and use the functionality included in your dashboards in our article: Reading your Analytics and Analytics Plus Dashboards in Synergy.

Choose from the below list to get in-depth info on each dashboard and report

Sales Overview Dashboard

The Sales overview dashboard provides high level insights into ongoing proposals and when they’re expected to start, as well as breaking down your proposals and reviewing your wins and losses.

See potential fees (weighted) across Project Managers and statuses, and use the left hand widgets to get a clear overview of your practices potential in the coming months.

Ongoing Proposals Dashboard

This is a closer inspection to Proposals, providing a CRM like dashboard with insights before the current month, this month, next month and following next month. Segment proposal data by Office, cost centre, discipline, Project Manager, or by client.

Being able to drill down on Projects starting prior to this month will let you find projects which either have the wrong date, or are unsuccessful.

Revenue Pipeline Dashboard

See the composition of incoming revenue in the next 12 months, an drill down on forecast information to get a clear picture of the future.

Drill into individual projects to see their status and start dates, and understand proposals at risk

Win/Loss Analysis Dashboard

Analyse win ratio by segments like office, project type, cost centre, discipline or size, and see trend for win % across the practice.

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