Synergy Analytics Plus People Dashboards

Breakdown of what's included within the set of People Dashboards.

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Edition: Professional*, Business*, Enterprise*

User-level: Director, System Administrator (by default in security matrix)

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*With the Synergy Analytics Plus add-on enabled.

There are four distinct People Dashboards available as part of your Synergy Analytics Plus Add-On. They offer an overview of the people within your organisation and provide insights into teams and individuals, with a focus on utilisation.

Each dashboard displays a variety of graphs, charts, and tables, and is interactive with the ability to apply multiple filters to customise the data you’re analysing. You can learn more about how to read and use the functionality included in your dashboards in our article: Reading your Analytics and Analytics Plus Dashboards in Synergy.

Choose from the list below to find in depth info on each of the dashboards/reports

People Overview Dashboard

Set a period to interrogate data on utilisation, hours per staff, and hours committed to individual projects

Understand the relationship between projects and your people through advanced segmentation and deep analysis

Headcount Dashboard

A dashboard focused on the makeup of your organisation - turnover, new joiners & leavers, and segmented by office

Get a clear picture of your workface over time.

Utilisation Dashboard

See utilisation results for your team over time - segment by rate, team, office or leader.

Use the widget to get an overall utilisation number, and see trends week to week.

Internal Time Dashboard

See what your staff are working on when they're not billable. Break down leave and non utilised time by office, team, rate or by person.

Drill into tasks to see what your teams are working on when they're not working on projects.

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