Contact settings
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The following settings are available for contacts:

  1. Automatically shorten the MYOB Contact name when necessaryMYOB AccountRight Live contact name field allows for a maximum length of 50 characters. In Synergy we allow for more characters than this to be entered on a company or individual contact name. Due to this we have included a setting that is automatically enabled to 'Automatically shorten the MYOB contact name when necessary'. This means that only when the contact name is greater than the maximum length allowed in MYOB that the name will be shortened to fit in the MYOB field. It is recommended that you keep this setting enabled just in case you have a very long contact name entered in Synergy.

  2. Prefix for supplier card id in MYOBIn MYOB two types of contacts exist: Supplier and Customer. Supplier contacts are created to be used with bills, and Customer contacts are created to be used with invoices. We need to make sure that these contacts have the same name, but different unique id's (card id's) in MYOB. This keeps the two contacts in MYOB matching back to the one contact in Synergy. To do this we add a prefix in-front of the supplier contact unique id (card id). This setting lets you customize what is used as the prefix. We recommend using S- to make the unique id 0003 become S-0003 on supplier type contacts. If this prefix already exists on the Synergy contact, then it will not be re-added (e.g. If the contact has a unique ID of S-0006, then the prefix will not be added by Connect. However if the contact has a unique ID of 0006 then the prefix will be added by Connect.). The prefix for supplier card ID is used for both Synergy contacts and staff records that are to be sent to MYOB to create a supplier contact.

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