How to enter travel expenses

Enter a travel expense. Entering travel expenses

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Enter a travel expense for fixed cost items such as mileage, a personal car, road tolls, or a daily per diem rate paid for each day of work travel.

  1. Go to Organisation > Timesheets

  2. Select 'Travel' from the timesheet options.

  3. Choose the date from the calendar.

  4. Select a project and stage from the dropdown menus.

  5. Select an expense type

  6. Select a travel rate.

  7. Enter the number of units. e.g. 55 miles were travelled. The amount to be reimbursed will be calculated automatically based on the travel rate cost.

  8. Add a note against this expense in the 'Add a note' field.

  9. Save.


  • Travel expense items are automatically set to be 'tax-free'. If the item includes taxes (like GST or VAT) please enter this using the cash expenses tab.

  • The value shown in travel expenses is the cost for the item. This is the amount you will be reimbursed for the expense. The item will be marked up / down within the project, based on the rate selected.

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