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Missing Rate Groups in Synergy Fieldbook
Missing Rate Groups in Synergy Fieldbook

Why are some rates missing in my timesheets in Synergy Fieldbook?

Updated over a week ago

Edition: Professional, Business, Enterprise

User-level: Any user with Fieldbook access, System Administrator

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If a rate has been made inactive, it will not show as a selection to choose when creating a timesheet (adding any expense types).

If you have previously added a rate to a timesheet in Fieldbook that is now inactive, it will not delete the expense against the project, it will just prevent you from using it again or in the future.

Why would a rate become inactive?

There could be a number of reasons, and it is best to ask the person responsible for setting up rates and/or your project (for example: Project Manager or System Administrator).
Some of the common reasons for this to happen are:

  • Making one rate inactive in lieu of a newer rate to be used moving forward.

  • The Organisation has made a change (ie. no longer covering meal costs).

  • Accidents happen! It's best to ask :)

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