Synergy release - 13th May 2024

May Release

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This month elevate your projects with Custom Colours, Advanced Invoice Notes, Improved Filtering and Document Attachments. In this latest release, we’re bringing four exciting enhancements to the Synergy platform:

  • Custom Colours for an enriched visual project management experience

  • Advanced Invoice Notes for deeper collaboration and knowledge sharing

  • Improved Project and Invoice Filtering to help you find what you need

  • Enhanced Document Management in invoices

Custom Colours – Personalise your Project Management Experience

This feature introduces a new palette of colours, allowing you to apply Custom Colours to stages, tasks, and milestones. Tailor the appearance of your projects to fit your style of organisational branding, enhancing visual navigation and project tracking. This update also enabled our UK customers to adhere to the RIBA Plan of Work framework, which utilises various colours for guidance on preparing and managing construction projects.

What’s Changing?

You can have the freedom to choose from an expanding colour spectrum for customising stages, task pills, and milestones. With this update, managing and disguising between various project elements becomes more accessible and more aligned with your corporate aesthetics.

Benefits at a Glance

Visual Clarity: Differentiate project elements at a glance, improving your ability to manage and track progress.

Customisation: Reflect your brand or project theme with custom colour schemes, making each project uniquely yours.

User Experience: Enhance the overall look and feel of your project management tools, making daily tasks more enjoyable.

How it Works

Access the new Colour Picker tool from the Project Schedule, Project Planning, and Work Breakdown boards to select and apply your desired colours. These changes are applied at the project level, ensuring consistency for all users viewing the project.

Where to Access Custom Colours

Navigate to the project settings or through task, stage, or milestone settings, where you can customise colours. This feature is designed to benefit all Synergy users, empowering everyone to personalise their project management workspace.

To learn more about custom colours <read the guide>

Advanced Invoice Notes - Elevate Your Project Documentation

Advanced Invoice Notes enhance your project’s communication and documentation. With integrated sharing options, capturing detailed project insights and sharing them with your team has never been easier.

What’s Changing?

Advanced Invoice Notes are designed to enhance your invoicing process by providing additional context and communication options directly within invoices:

  • New Note Types: In addition to General Notes, we now support Debtor and Approval Notes for finalised invoices.

  • Improved Notes Pane: A more streamlined interface with enhanced functionality directly within the side action pane.

  • Advanced features: Create, edit, and manage To-Dos directly from notes, add comments, set notes as inactive, and link related information all in one place.

Benefits at a Glance

Enhanced Collaboration: Share important notes directly within tasks or milestones, centralising communication and reducing the need for external documentation tools.

Efficient Management: Easily organise, search, and access notes, streamlining information retrieval and decision-making processes.

How it Works

To add a note, click ‘Add Note’ from the Action Pane, select Note Type, enter the note content, and optionally add a subject and tags.

Where to Access Advanced Invoice Notes

Enter Advanced Invoice Notes on a finalised invoice using the right action pane.

Targeted primarily at Project Managers and Team Members, Advanced Notes is available across all editions, ensuring that every user can benefit from enhanced project documentation capabilities.

To learn more about advanced invoice notes <read the guide>

Improved Project and Invoice Filtering - A more intuitive and efficient workflow

With new project and invoice filtering options, you can now find exactly what you’re looking for in our system more intuitively and efficiently.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Column header filters: Quickly apply filters directly from the column headers on both Projects and Invoice pages

  • Visible Filter Tags: Easily view all active filters at the top of the page without needing to open the filter pane

  • One-Click Clear All: A new ‘Clear All’ button lets you remove all the filters simultaneously, simplifying your workflow.

How it works

Click on the filter icon next to each column’s label. A dropdown will appear, allowing you to select or type your criteria. Hit ‘Apply’ to see your filtered results.

Where to Access Project and Invoice Filtering

Access the filters from the Project and Invoice list view pages. You can filter by Type, Project Manager, Status, Tag, and Billable/Non-Billable status for projects. For invoices, you can filter by Date, Contact, Status, and Total (excluding taxes).

The existing filter pane will continue functioning as usual and update in real time as you add or remove filters from the column headers.

Invoice Documents - Simplify how you handle documents related to invoices

New Invoice Document enhances the functionality of document previews and attachments, all from the convenience of the action pane.

Benefits at a Glance

Centralised Document Management: Access invoice documents, payment applications, and attachments directly from the new Documents group in the action pane

Enhanced Document Preview: View and interact with document previews without leaving the invoice page, reducing the need to navigate away to perform everyday tasks

Simplified Document Attachments: Easily add or remove attachments to draft invoices, streamlining the process and improving efficiency.

How it works

The new Invoice Documents feature is designed to simplify how you handle invoices-related documents. With improvements in how documents are previewed and attached within the system, this update minimises the need to switch between screens or use external tools for document management. Whether sending a payment application or attaching supporting documents to invoices, these tasks can now be performed seamlessly within the action pane.

Where to Access Invoice Documents

The new features can be accessed from the Documents group in the action pane on the invoice page. This group includes three tabs: Invoice, Payment Application, and Attachments.

To learn more about Invoice Documents <read the guide>

Issues that have been fixed

  • Performance: Fixed an issue where at the end of month some users might have noticed slow down for Invoicing and Transactions.

  • Analytics Plus Forecasting dashboards: Fixed an issue where some invoices were not showing up if the cost centre was changed.

  • Project imports: Fixed an issue where exported reports did not reflect a filter change.

  • Project imports: Fixed an issue were custom rate groups entered on the project import sheet were defaulting to standard rate group.

  • Staff: Fixed an issue where users could not be marked as paid by org if no free licenses were available.

  • Invoice templates: Users can now add a bookmark for Previous Claims Foreign Currency in the Fee Details Table for the Invoice templates.

  • Projects - fixed an issue where incorrect information was populating in the preview of the contracts

  • Schedule reports - Increased org limits of scheduled reports to two per user

  • Invoicing - fixed an issue where pre-bills were incorrectly calculated

  • Connectivity - fixed an issue where Xero was not loading previews

  • Custom Reports- fixed an issue where category rates were unable to be used in expressions

  • Notes - Fixed an issue where debtor notes could not be created on imported invoices

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