How do I manage my social logins?

How to manage your social logins from your user profile, including adding or removal of additional email addresses.

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Edition: Professional, Business, Enterprise

User Level: All users

The email address that you registered with is shown in the 'current linked identities' panel, however you can add any extra business email addresses or social accounts that you use, to ensure that all of your Synergy organisation or project portal invitations are all linked to the one account.

To add a new login method:

  1. Click one of the 5 methods available and connect the account to Synergy by adding and verifying the account.

    • Email - Any email can be used here, as long as you have access to it. You will need to confirm your email address before being able to continue.

    • Office 365 - Must be an Office 365 account that you can log into, if not already logged in. You will be taken to a new page to verify your details if you are not already logged in.

    • Google - You will be taken to the Google accounts page to verify your details.

    • Microsoft - You will be taken to a Microsoft page to verify and accept permissions.

    • LinkedIn - You will be taken to LinkedIn to log in and allow Synergy access to Sync.

  2. Now you can set this account as Primary - click the Edit Pencil and click "Set as Primary"

  3. This will now be the way you log into Synergy.

  4. You can delete any unwanted accounts by clicking the Edit Pencil and click Delete.


You need to retain the account you're using with your Synergy organisation so you do not lose access to their organisation as a staff member.

The following login methods allow you to log in to Synergy with the relevant account, instead of having to use your Synergy username and password.

  • Office 365 account

  • Google account

  • Microsoft account

  • LinkedIn account

If you have not confirmed your email account, and have lost your confirmation email, you can re-send the email by clicking the edit pencil and "Re-send Email".

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